MUNCIE MUSIC CENTER relieves you of liability for accidental damage of the covered instrument and loss due to theft.  If such loss does occur, you must show proof of loss, such as a police report.  If you have insurance for the loss or damage, you shall exercise, or empower us to exercise all your rights to obtain recovery under insurance, and shall cooperate with MUNCIE MUSIC CENTER to obtain recovery.  All insurance proceeds shall be given or assigned to MUNCIE MUSIC CENTER.  Contact us after you have reported the loss to the proper authorities and your insurance agent.

            All adjustments and repairs, except as hereinafter excluded, will be made to keep your instrument in proper playing condition by MUNCIE MUSIC CENTER.  The detailed description on the reverse side explains the coverage of this annual service agreement.



‚ÄčTrumpets, Cornets, French Horns, & Baritones

1.    Replacement of water key and valve corks
2.    Re-string and regulate rotary valves
3.    Pulling all frozen mouthpieces and slides
4.    Removal of reachable dents
5.    Solder broken or loose braces
6.    Replacement of necessary springs and felts
7.    Clean, buff, oil, and regulate pistons and slides
8.    Case repair (hinges, latches)

Flutes and Saxophones
1.    Replacement of necessary pads, corks, springs, etc.
2.    Regulation of mechanism and leak-check
3.    Silver-solder all broken keys
4.    Free any frozen rods
5.    Dent work to body
6.    Case repair (hinges, latches)

1.    Replacement of water key corks
2.    Pulling all frozen mouthpieces
3.    Cleaning and freeing all frozen tuning slides
4.    Clean and align playing slide
5.    Removal of reachable dents
6.    Case repair (hinges, latches)

Clarinets and Oboes
1.    Replacement of necessary pads, corks, springs, etc.
2.    Regulation of mechanism and leak-check
3.    Silver-solder all broken keys
4.    Free any frozen rods
5.    Replace or repair broken joints
6.    Case repair (hinges, latches)

Percussion Equipment
1.    Replacement of drumheads, 50% off retail price
2.    Replacement of parts and adjustment of drum
3.    Replacement of key screws
4.    Case repair (hinges, latches, zippers)

Violins, Violas, and Cellos
1.    Replacement of bow hair and all other parts
2.    Re-setting of bridge, sound post, and tail piece
3.    Regulate and correct slipping pegs
4.    Case repair (hinges, latches, zippers)

Items NOT Covered by MIP
1.    Any repair or maintenance due to misuse, neglect, or intentional damage
2.    Any condition that does not impair the playing performance of the instrument
3.    Lost or broken mouthpieces will be replaced at 50% of the retail price
4.    Repairs not done by Muncie Music Center
5.    Accessories used in normal operation and upkeep such as reeds, oils, swabs, strings, sticks, etc.
6.    Any dent work that does not affect playability of instrument
7.    Restoration of finish, plating, or lacquer