Muncie Music Center Rent-to-Own
Rental Agreement
In accordance with IC 35-43-5-5
  • I agree to rent my selected instrument for the monthly rental amount indicated by the instrument selection, making regular payments on the indicated day each month. I understand that this Agreement may be terminated at any time by returning the instrument to Muncie Music Center, or their representative, and paying all rental fees then due and owing. Until the instrument is returned, and accrued rent is paid, I am responsible for the instrument and all rental fees.
  • All rental payments may be applied toward the purchase at anytime. I understand that the instrument remains property of Muncie Music Center, and that I will not own the instrument until I have paid the total price of the instrument.
Terms of Agreement

Location of Instrument
This instrument may not be sold or moved out of the school where the instrument was originally issued unless authorized by Muncie Music Center. You must notify Muncie Music Center of any address or telephone changes during the time of the rental agreement.

Early Purchase
You will receive a 30% discount off the unpaid balance, providing your rental account is currently up to date. Call Muncie Music Center for payoff amount.

Exchanging Instruments
You may exchange instruments at any time. Within the first twelve (12) months, beginning with the Trial period, you will receive 100% credit limited to 50% of the total list purchase price of the next instrument. After twelve (12) months, you will receive credit for 50% of rental monies paid until the date of exchange limited to 50% of the total list price of the next instrument.

Returning Instruments
You must notify Muncie Music Center that you are returning an instrument. The instrument may be returned at any time and the rental plan will end upon receipt of your instrument at our office. Rent will be charged and will be payable to the date of return. No rental fees will be refunded once the instrument is delivered and played. The instrument can be returned to us personally at 600 S Mulberry St., Muncie, Indiana, or to our representative who calls at the school. You shall be responsible for the instrument until it reaches our place of business or is delivered to our representative.

Additional Charges

  • Late Payment Charge: A late charge of $5.00 for each monthly rental payment that is five days or more past due.
  • Security Deposit Charge: A security deposit may be required depending on your credit rating.Your deposit will be held in a separate account to be (1) applied to your purchase if you pay off the instrument, (2) refunded to you if you return the instrument, or (3) applied to any balance due when the instrument is returned.
  • Returned Check Charge: There will be a $25.00 service charge on each returned check, pursuant to Indiana Code 35-43-5-5, as amended from time to time.

Default: In the event of a breach of this Agreement, or in the event that payment remains unpaid for more than ten (10) days after it is due, Muncie Music Center may (1) recover the immediate possession of the instrument, with or without judicial process, so long as the recovery is effected without the breach of the peace and recover all accrued rental, late charges, and compensation for damages to the instrument; or (2) declare the entire purchase price due in full and demand payment of the unpaid balance of the total purchase price. In the event that Muncie Music Center takes any action against you to enforce this Agreement or to recover for damage to the instrument, you agree to pay all costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, collection fees, and accrued interest. You will also be liable for a rental payment pick-up charge of $10.00.

Right to Reinstatement
If you, the customer, fail to make timely rental payments, you have the right to reinstate this Rental Purchase Agreement and to recover possession of the instrument or a substituted instrument of comparable quality and condition without losing any rights or options previously acquired if (1) you promptly return the instrument to Muncie Music Center upon request; (2) you request reinstatement within sixty (60) days after returning the property; and (3) you pay the outstanding balance of any accrued rental payments and late charges, and a reinstatement fee of $5.00.

Ownership and Title
You will not own the instrument until you have (1) made the number of rental payments necessary to acquire ownership; or (2) exercised an early purchase option. We are and shall remain owner of the instrument at all times until you have paid all amounts necessary to acquire ownership of the musical instrument. If you default on this Agreement, or this Agreement is terminated, we have the right to take possession of the musical instrument. You agree to make the musical instrument available to us without delay and to permit us to retake possession of said instrument.

Muncie Music Center offers Musical Instrument Protection (MIP) coverage for every instrument in the rental program. The MIP coverage is optional. If you do not purchase the MIP coverage, you are totally responsible for the instrument if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. The cost of MIP is $5 per month.

  • Replacement: If MIP coverage is purchased, Muncie Music Center relieves you of liability for accidental damage to the rented instrument on this contract, and for loss due to loss and theft. If such loss does occur, you must show proof of loss, such as a police report. If you have insurance for the loss or damage, you shall exercise, or empower us to exercise, all your rights to obtain recovery under insurance, and shall cooperate with Muncie Music Center to obtain recovery. All insurance proceeds shall be given or assigned to Muncie Music Center. If a loss occurs, contact us after you have reported the loss to the proper authorities and your insurance agent.
  • Service: All adjustments and repairs, except as hereinafter excluded, will be made to keep you instrument in proper playing condition by Muncie Music Center, as it is explained below, so long as Muncie Music Center is the owner of the instrument.
Items Covered by MIP Coverage
Trumpets, Cornets, French Horns, & Baritones Trombones Percussion Equipment
  • Replacement of waterkey and valve
  • Re-string and regulate rotary valves
  • Pulling all frozen mouthpieces and slides
  • Removal of reachable dents
  • Solder broken or loose braces
  • Replacement of necessary springs and felts
  • Clean, buff, oil, and regulate pistons and slides
  • Case repair (hinges, latches)
  • Replacement of waterkey corks
  • Pulling all frozen mouthpieces
  • Cleaning and freeing all frozen tuning slides
  • Clean and align playing slide
  • Removal of reachable dents
  • Case repair (hinges, latches)
  • Replacement of drumheads at retail price
  • Replacement of parts and adjustment of drum
  • Replacement of key screws
  • Case repair (hinges, latches, zippers)
Flutes and Saxophones Clarinets and Oboes Violins, Violas, and Cellos
  • Replacement of necessary pads, corks, springs, etc.
  • Regulation of mechanism and leak-check
  • Silver-solder all broken keys
  • Free any frozen rods
  • Dent work to body
  • Case repair (hinges, latches)
  • Replacement of necessary pads, corks, springs, etc
  • Regulation of mechanism and leak-check
  • Silver-solder all broken keys
  • Free any frozen rods
  • Replace or repair broken joints
  • Case repair (hinges, latches)
  • Replacement of bow hair and all other parts
  • Re-setting of bridge, sound post, and tail piece
  • Regulate and correct slipping pegs
  • Case repair (hinges, latches, zippers)
Items Not Covered by MIP Coverage
  • Any repair or maintenance due to misuse, neglect, or intentional damage
  • Any condition that does not impair the playing performance of the instrument
  • Lost or broken mouthpieces will be replaced at 50% of the retail price
  • Repairs not done by Muncie Music Center
  • Accessories used in normal operation and upkeep such as reeds, oils, swabs, strings, sticks, etc.
  • Any dent work that does not affect playability of instrument
  • Restoration of finish, plating or lacquer
  • No MIP coverage will be honored if rental account becomes delinquent.

Notice: This contract offers, for an additional charge, a liability damage waiver to cover your responsibility for damage to the property. Before deciding whether to purchase the liability damage waiver, you may wish to determine whether your own homeowners or casualty insurance affords you coverage for damage to the rental property, and the deductible under your own insurance coverage. The purchase of this liability damage waiver is not mandatory and may be declined. (IC 24-7-5-11)

Governing Law: This Agreement shall be deemed to be made in Delaware County, Indiana and shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana. The parties hereby stipulate that for any cause of action filed as a result of, or rising from, this agreement must be filed in the Delaware County Indiana Court System and parties hereby specifically waive any other venue rights they may have.




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